Product Descriptions


A short listing of some of the products we offer:


Product         Description          

Information is easily accessible for authorized users in iaFolder allowing electronic folder query, retrieval, and document viewing.


supports production batch scanning with a variety of scanning hardware.  Batch Profiles may be set up to accommodate a variety of scanning and indexing requirements.  The user interface for scanning and indexing changes based on settings made in each scanning and indexing profile.



iaFlow provides workflow automation and supervisory controls for management of document-oriented processes

iaJetScan provides convenient scanning at point of service coupled with registration system interfacing makes external document input (such as insurance cards and authorizations) faster and easier.

iaCapture Batch Research

iaCapture Batch Research is a utility that allows an administrative user to search for batches that have been indexed based on the index information.  This can be used to find a batch or batches that match specified criteria.


iaPostADVANTAGE allows for indexing and storage of remittance information with minimal keystrokes. The product supports EDI and paper-based bulk remittance payments. Each transaction can be stored by posting batch number and patient-specific folders.


iaDataGator is a utility that receives and interprets HL7 data, creating file folders and capturing patient-specific data used for workflows.


iaBITS is a utility that provides a graphical interface for performing script-based updates to Team IA’s electronic document management system. iaBITS creates and updates patient-specific folders in a batch process.


County Document Imaging Management System (CDIMS) consists of modules for cashiering, scanning, indexing (data entry), proofing (verification), public access, administration, and reports.


iaBarcodeCoverSheet Workstation allows users to produce barcode coversheets for scanning purposes.  Textual information is translated into barcodes and printed in the form of a barcode coversheet.  These sheets will then be used while scanning.